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2015 Chaîne Bin End Sales

Chers members de la Chaine des Rotisseurs,

It is back! 

Going by our track record, our Bin End Sale are sold out within 24 hours! So respond as quickly as you can. 

BIN END SALE is an opportunity to convert odd quantities into
funds and refresh our cellar stock. All parcels are priced way below
current market value at our historical purchase costs.

Please send your order(s) to chainesgcellar@gmail.com only. Other
forms of order will not be accepted. 

Where multiple orders are received, the first order received at chainesgcellar@gmail.com will be

All orders will be confirmed by chainesgcellar@gmail.com.

The wines will be released after payment. Collection can be arranged
at Wine Bond Pte Ltd or delivery can be arranged at S$50 to each delivery

Parcel 1 - The All in One parcel of 18 bottles (S$2500)
1996 Dom Perignon x5 bottles
2006 Chateau les Justices Bergerac x6 bottles
2005 Faiveley Chablis les Clos x3 bottles
1998 Duval Leroy Authentics Trepail Champagne x2 bottles
2001 Chateau de Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Lavaux St Jacques x2 bottles

Parcel 2 - The Three Vintages of 18 bottles (S$2500)
2000 Dom Perignon x6 bottles
2001 Chateau Monbousquet x6 bottles
2002 Bahans Haut Brion x6 bottles

Parcel 3 - The Complete Bordeaux of 18 bottles ($2000)
2006 Le Sillage de Malartic Blanc x5 bottles
2004 La Mission Haut Brion x5 bottles
2001 Chateau Guiraud x1 bottle
2007 Chateau Guiaud x5 bottles
1997 Chateau de Rayne Vigneau x2 bottles

Parcel 4 - The 2003 Vintage of 18 bottles ($1500)
2003 Chateau de Rayne Vigneau x8 bottles
2003 Dominique Laurent les Suchots VV x7 bottles
2003 Roger Sabon CDP Cuvee Reserve x3 bottles

Parcel 5 - The Good Mix of 18 bottles (S$1000)
2004 JJ Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett x2 bottles
2009 Chateau de Fieuzal Blanc x4 bottles
2005 Goulee Blanc x7 bottles
2007 Meo Camuzet Chambolle Musigny x5 bottles

Parcel 6 - The Burgundy Parcel of 18 bottles (S$1500)
1999 Faiveley 1er Cru les Cazetiers x4 bottles
2002 Bouchard Le Corton Estate x1 bottle
2005 Arlaud Morey St Denis les Ruchots x4 bottles
2010 Maroslvac Leger Puligny Montrachet les Combettes x9 bottles


BIN END SALE terms and conditions:-
1) Confrerie De La Chaine Des Rotisseurs may amend these terms &
conditions at any time. Any such changes, together with the effective
date will be sent to you by email.
2) This BIN END SALE is only open to members of Confrerie De La Chaine
Des Rotisseurs.
3) Descriptions of wines are accurate to the best of Confrerie De La
Chaine Des Rotisseurs knowledge. Confrerie De La Chaine Des Rotisseurs
will endeavour to correct errors or omissions as quickly as
practicable once being inform of them.
4) Confrerie De La Chaine Des Rotisseurs will use reasonable means to
check each wine offered to ascertain that the wine correspond  to the
description and vintage.
5) No refunds will be entertained once the wines leave the premises of
Wine Bond Pte Ltd.
6) $50 will be added to each order for delivery.

best regards
Ling Tok Hong

Sunday, January 11, 2015